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Luz e sombra

Structural Integration

The structural integration (SI) process is like building a house — you need start with a solid foundation. In a body, the foundation for balance and alignment is established in the 10-Series. It's a systematic way of unwinding structural restrictions while at the same time organizing the body segments around a vertical line.

Most people find chronic pain relief and improved mobility during the 10-Series because with each session, your fascia, bones, and muscles are taking on a more balanced pattern.


After the 10-Series, your body needs time to assimilate to all the changes that have occurred. Usually people find they are ready for the next series in about 3-5 months.


The 10-Series does not need to be repeated, instead, advanced SI work is done. This is usually in the form of a 3-Series, though sometimes, it may be appropriate to receive a 5-Series.

Before, during, and after the 10-series

"Forget anatomy and take on art. You'll look at the body as something around a vertical line."

 Dr. Ida Rolf

Movement Education

After each session, you will be given a couple little things to practice that support the balanced pattern being created in your body.

These cues will be specific to you, based on what you felt standing and while slowly walking.


Although they are simple, they should be practiced regularly, with focus and intention.


This helps balance become easier and more natural.


Take your 10-Series to the next level

Body Transcendence Posts (4).png
Many people ask, what do I do between sessions? The Body Transcendence Handbook is here to guide you every step of the way.

Create a new mind-body connection - A place to process the physical, mental, and emotional changes that happened during and after each session.

Stay accountable - Integrate the changes that happened in each session into your daily life by practicing body awareness and mindful movement. Includes general standing and movement cues for each session, as well as space to write your own.

Enlightening and inspiring quotes - The wisdom of Dr. Ida Rolf, the creator of SI, sprinkled throughout to give you food for thought and help you connect to your body in a new way.

Beyond the 10-Series

Advanced series work is all about taking you and your body to the next level — getting to deeper layers, gaining more sophisticated body awareness, and developing greater movement integration.


However, when you're feeling a little worn down, a 3-Series can also be a great way to remind your body of its alignment, grounding, and openness.

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