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If you've got back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other musculoskeletal dysfunction, you know how it interferes with your life. Over time, tension builds up in the body, then it becomes part of the structure. These patterns of tension throughout the body cause chronic stiffness, immobility, and pain. 


Structural integration can change that by getting to the source of the problem: structure.


Structural integration (SI) is a process of bodywork that realigns and balances the  relationships between the fascia, bone, and muscles. The goal is to optimize the body's natural structural alignment to create better balance, efficiency, and ease of movement. SI helps improve pain, posture, flexibility, and overall physical and energetic function by systematically unwinding long held tension patterns. With each session, the body takes on more balance and tension is replaced with a pattern that feels better — one that feels open, lengthened, and aligned.

Structural integration is not a maintenance program — it is a process of optimal development. Since our bodies are not fixed in time, the SI process helps us to continue developing a higher level of balance so our bodies (and minds) can function optimally.



Stop chasing symptoms and start getting better!


Bodywork that works.

Why maintain when you can transcend? Discover how structural integration's unique approach to the human body can get you out of pain for good.


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