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Structural Integration
&Movement Education

With Jill Branch

"This is what structural integration can do. We can bring a body, in all aspects, from the extreme toward the center - the physical body, the psychological body, and the energy body."

Dr. Ida Rolf

Structural integration (SI) is one of the most effective bodywork systems for improving chronic pain, posture, and flexibility. Rather than targeting symptomatic areas, it addresses chronic pain, muscular tension, and joint immobility on a structural level.


Through the SI process, balanced relationships are established between fascia, bones, and muscles. As tension patterns are unwound and organized, the body opens, lengthens, and becomes more aligned.


Structural integration helps the whole body operate as a more efficient system. Energy flows, pain disappears, and movement becomes easier and more graceful.

How it works



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keeps you going in circles

helps you keep getting better

Stop chasing symptoms and start getting better!

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The Body Transcendence Handbook

A must have companion for your SI journey!

Discover more

Bodywork that works. Why maintain when you can transcend?

Discover how structural integration's unique approach to the human body can get you out of pain for good.

Amy S.

"I just finished a 10 series with Jill and haven't felt this great in years. Significant changes in my posture, my hips feel unstuck, and I'm standing straighter. She worked to untangle years of wear and tear. I'll never go back to a normal massage after receiving this work."
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